M&P has served the local community for over 10 years with the finest in floral and event planning. Our specialization is in adding personal, affordable, sophisticated and sensitive tough to your special day. Our work has meaning and it is specific to your personality, goals, and needs. With over 10 years in professional planning and floral experience, we are confident our family owned business can work with you to identify the picture perfect vision that will make your wedding experience exceptional.


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Joanna is one of the hardest working employees at M&P Floral. Having studied floral arrangements, Joanna has a unique passion and zeal for customer satisfaction and floral art. Her skills, self-motivation, and input are greatly valued at M&P Floral. Joanna is one of three veterans who has been with the company for 5 years.

Ewelina is one of the most unique members of our team at M&P Flowers. Ewelina has a supernatural ability not in the creation of things but in their improvement. Ewelina is gifted in taking existing wedding plans and adding a universally loved zest and appeal to them. She is hard-working and always eager to assist. Ewelina is truely an irreplaceable asset to the team.


Ewa is the godmother of our wedding event and planning operations. Her uncanny attention to detail and ability to recognize imperfections have distinguished her as an invaluable asset to M&P Floral. Ewa's excellent teamwork skills and big heart consistently unify our team and operations. Ewa is a forward thinking individual who is always thinking of others.



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Renata has been with the company for several years. Her organizational skills and arrangement abilities have improved the value of our efforts at M&P. Renata always comes to work in a delightful disposition and is always eager to help out whenever she can. We expect great things to come from Renata in time.

Kasia's eye for detail has been one of her greatest contributions to M&P. Her unparalleed commitment and objective nature has distinguished her as an excellent organizer. Kasia has also received formal training and education in decorational floriculture and is always seeking out ways to synthesize traditional ideas with modern concepts. We are proud to call Kasia one of our own.

Zdzislaw (Papa Bear) is one of our most experienced team members. His vast knowledge surrounding European tradition and cultural niches has proven to be infinitely valuable in our planning efforts at M&P. Zdzislaw is also one of the kindest souls that walks the earth. His eager and willing manner is immediately recognizable and his presencewith with our team contributes a very positive influence on all of our efforts at M&P flowers.

Anneta has a unique talent for understanding flower arrangements. Her input in our designs has always received merit and high regard from our clients. Anetta is a highly motivated and responsible individual who takes pride in her work. She is a die-hard perfectionist and helps inspire positive motivation and raport amongst the team during our projects. Anetta is naturally talented and always has a smile on her face.

Patryk is the muscle at M&P Flowers. He is always quick to lend a hand wherever help is needed and is also studying flower arrangement. His muscular fortitude is also frequently challenged on site during planning and arrangement phases. Patryk is very humble and sympathetic and always handles our affairs as a gentleman would be expected to. For such an early age, Patryk shows a sophistication and manner that is beyond his years.

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